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Bradley Manning saw that many thing had gone wrong in Iraq! That civilians had been shot dead, even when helping other injured ones! He had reported that to officers, but with no success! That's why he had forwarded this information to Wikileaks! 

Bradley Manning reacted completely responsible and right! His action was very courageous and in a civilized country he has to be a hero, not a criminal! 

Where does democracy and freedom end in the US? Who is the criminal and who is the victim? 

Please free Bradley Manning and honour him! 


Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
Dear Mr. President,

What's going on in the US? How can you criminalize somebody who brings criminal action to light? I saw the video Bradley Manning gave to Wikileaks! Things like that have to be made public! In a civilized, free and democratic country Bradley Manning must be a hero, not in prison! He must be honored for his courage! He had tried to inform his seniors, but they did not react! So what could he have done? He did the only right thing from the point of humanity! If the US don't set him free immediately and honor him they will loose all credibility they still might have!

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