MRI for Sutherland Hospital

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The community calls on NSW Govt for urgent funding for an MRI machine housed in a purpose built room at Sutherland Hospital.

The arrangements for an MRI scan at Sutherland Hospital requires transportation of ill or injured patients LIMITED TO MAXIMUM OF 3  PATIENTS A DAY to be sent on a 22 kilometre round trip by ambulance or taxi to St George Hospital at Kogarah or to a private practice at Hurstville.

There is a constant wait list of patients at Sutherland for an MRI occupying beds for extra days.

The 3 allocated daily MRI spots for Sutherland are often reduced to 2 with other emergencies.

Certain patients in ICU cannot be transported, SO CANNOT HAVE AN MRI.

There are 10 major metropolitan hospitals in Sydney. Sutherland IS THE ONLY ONE that does not have an MRI machine.