A private bathroom is ESSENTIAL when giving birth - Wollongong mums demand action!

A private bathroom is ESSENTIAL when giving birth - Wollongong mums demand action!

2,541 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!

Why this petition matters

Started by Kate Brandreth

The birthing unit at Wollongong Hospital is getting a much needed upgrade. Which is great news....

HOWEVER, the temporary birthing unit which women in the Illawarra region will need to use in the meantime has no private bathroom facilities. This means there will be:

- NO water birth facilities

- NO showers or baths

- NO private toilets

The temporary birthing unit is due to come into operation from Jan 2020 until work on the new birthing unit is completed.

The temporary arrangements are likely to be in place for around 6 months.

This is just unacceptable! A private bathroom and options for a water birth is essential for women going into labor. 

I'm asking you to sign in support of this petition, and call on the NSW Minister for Health to provide the necessary bathroom facilities as part of the temporary arrangements. Anything less than this is not acceptable!

We ask for a hold on building works if these essential facilities are not able to be provided.

There are other options which should be explored including the facilities at Wollongong Private Hospital.

Please sign and share this petition to get our voices heard to the NSW Minister for Health.

We are not dogs. We are women who deserve dignity, support and respect while giving birth.

What we are asking for is the basics of what we need to support us while we go through what can be one of the most intense, vulnerable and overwhelming life experiences.

We shouldn't have to ask for this stuff. This is an additional stress we don't need at a time when we are preparing for the birth of our children. We ask that you take our concerns seriously and the action we need quickly.

2,541 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!