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Boycott Wendys for Funding Foster Care

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"Adoption is not the end of a painful chapter, but the beginning of a lifetime of wondering, worrying and missing the child. It is a wound that time cannot heal." ~ Carole J. Anderson

In 2010 alone, money collected from Wendy's donation canisters "raised over $2,500,000. The money goes toward Wendy’s Wonderful Kids ...  to find "forever homes" for children waiting in foster care."

Also, "every time a Kids Meal is purchased, three cents is given to the Dave Thomas Foundation for the purpose of placing children into homes without their parents. To date, Wendy's has raised over $7 million in funding.

The site lists tips for people to adopt through foster care and gives grants to private "adoption agencies", which place orders for foster children who are in the government funded Child Protective Services, known as Department of Children and Families (DCF), Department of Human Resources (DHR), and similar names in each state. 

While children in foster care need help, they needed help before being placed in foster care. It is far more important to keep families together whenever possible than to rob children from their families, then post their pictures online to find "forever families" for the profit of government agencies. CPS is NOT supposed to be an adoption agency! Over 80% of children placed in foster care should have NEVER been taken from their biological parent(s). 

Most appalling on the Dave Thomas Foundation website, is it's reassuring prospective adoptive families that "biological parents have no way to gain back custody of the child or children once their parental rights are terminated."

So, Wendys via founder Dave Thomas' foundation is promoting termination of parental rights? The foundation can argue that they want to help foster children all they want, but why not help these children AND their parents with legal fees and reunification services, or help these foster children once they age out of foster care when they really need it? To not only promote but to provide more money (and therefore incentive) to forever remove children from their biological parents is outrageous!

Do not support Wendy's funding of government agencies that are supposed to do everything possible to keep families together, NOT to severe sacred family ties for the sole purpose of monetary gain. 

P.S. Please feel free to post your own websites and Facebook pages in support of your families and children who have been unjustly, unconstitutionally and adversely affected by our so-called family courts and/or child protective services. 

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