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Petitioning Central China Trade Commission Chinese government; trade commissioner and 2 others

Boycott Chinese Trade; Horrible! Also kills 2 million cats/dogs skinned alive!!!

When you sign, this goes STRAIGHT to the Chinese gov't trade commission office. Two million cats and dogs, and probably billions of other fur-bearing critters are incomprehensibly abused and suffer before BEING SKINNED ALIVE AND WITH NO ANESTHESIA in China each year. It's time to send a loud and clear message to the damned Chinese bloody gov't, and all other governments, lobbyists, and commercial producers who aid and abet their institutionalized cruelty -- for $15 billion damn dollars annually. Please sign today!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Central China Trade Commission
    Chinese government; trade commissioner
  • CHARLEY INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD, and board of directors member for hong kong fur federation
    charley chan [for real!]
  • board of directors, hong kong fur federation and CLAVEYSON FUR PROCESSING LTD "dresser"
    Mr. William Lam

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    The only way Chinese government; trade commissioner will listen

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