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Children of Chernobyl

Last night I was looking for new trailers movies and by accident I bumped into Chernobyl Diaries’ trailer. I watched it looking for a serious and updated documentary or movie related to the tragic Nuclear accident that put Europe at the edge in the spring of 1986.
Well, my disappoint started changing into disbelieve to end up into outrage. Looks like the creators of Paranormal Activity ( a very entertaining movie btw) had the brilliant idea to create the same kind of movie but this time on the Grave Towns of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. WTF!!!

What first hit me was seeing a group of young americans talking of a Vacation Trip into Chernobyl as if they were having a Girls Gone Wild kind of vacation. The entire attitude of the characters and the movie itself is like if they were going to the Caribbean or a Cruise. When we know the Chernobyl is a Grave. Then everything turn into a Ghost hunting kind of expedition, something that I found absolutely disrespectful and out of taste. HELLO!!!!! Have these people really understood what happened at Charnobyl?
During the first months after the accident, and approximate a million people were directly exposed to inhumane levels of radiation, with inadequate protective equipment and lied by their Soviet Government of the risks they would had to endure. Almost 700.000 of those liquidators died. Millions of people were displaced, Thyroidal Cancer cases are sky rocking, but the blunt of the tragedy falls on the hundred of thousands of children that were exposed to radiation and those born during the last 26 years with deformities and cancer because their parents were also highly contaminated. It’s really hard for me to realize how someone could ever create a Hollywood movie like Chernobyl Diaries completely disfranchise of the tragedies that still being unfold, the recent memories of the loved ones that died at Chernobyl and the possibilities of a a 2nd accident waiting to happen, just because it’s COOL and will generate hundreds of millions of dollars for their own pockets.

Today, Belorussia and Ukraine are the ones carrying the heavy load of the Nuclear contamination. The health crisis is far from over, the security Sarcophagi built to encase Reactor #4 is in bad shape, and a 2nd Nuclear explosion could happened again if nothing is being done, and sadly both countries has no resources to fix this issue. And then you have this movie hitting the movie theaters as a form of Entertainment? WHAT’S WRONG WITH US!!!! Have we lost out souls? Have we lost our capacity to have Sympathy for those affected by our Technological Egos? or because we weren’t there doesn’t affect us?

Children of Chernobyl (WARNING: Graphic)

If because of this, that I decide to create a Petition to Boycott Chernobyl Diaries until the producers donate at least HALF of all the profits of this movie to the Children of Chernobyl. Boycott it until they legally DONATE the 50% of Royalties from this movie. You can’t let corporativism and pure capitalism exist at expenses of the lives of million of people and the existence of entire nations as it has been happening.

I may not change how our system works, and how syntheticide we have became, but I won’t stay quiet doing absolutely nothing to make my opinions heard and to point out what’s wrong and unsensituve. If you agree, please sing this petition and spread it all over


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