Scrap student loan debt for all nurses and allied healthcare students from 2017 onwards

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I am a third year BSc Occupational therapy student and was deeply affected by the changes in NHS funded courses since 2017. 

Unfortunately, the Tory government decided to not only introduce tuition fees for healthcare courses in 2017 , but also scrapped the bursaries that were previously available to healthcare students.

Allied healthcare students and nurses have to complete more than 1000 hours of placement over 3 years whilst studying, without any financial support, apart from maintenance loans.

This would mean that these students would leave uni with around £50k worth of debt, which has unfortunately meant that students from low income backgrounds would often be put off to pursue a career in healthcare. We could really do without this, as we have a huge shortage across almost all health professions as it is.

It also meant that these students often had to resort to taking a part-time job whilst studying and on placement, affecting their grades ,mental health and personal lives due to stress.

It is great that Boris Johnson has promised to reinstate maintenance Grant's for future student nurses. But what about the other healthcare students students that missed out in 2017, 18 and 19? I feel that is is extremely unfair to them and they should at least have an offer that matches the ones for new students. I know that this is not an unreasonable request as newly qualified teachers were entitled to claim back student loan repayments. If the government could reimburse teachers, it should reimburse nurses and AHP's too. 

Please show your support for students like myself who have been badly affected and who are the future of our NHS.

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