Pubs to be able to fully trade tiers 1 AND 2

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The hospitality industry is taking a massive hit with the current climate, with these new restrictions coming into place it could see so much of the hospitality sector being gone for good! Just like myself Amy Newland who owns The White Hart in Chilsworthy Cornwall who was recently seen on the programme 'saving Britain's pubs' has put everything into her business, being in tier 2 could destroy everything we've all put into our businesses, years of hard work, this could be a disaster for the whole country, we've been so good in keeping with restrictions and rules, making sure everything is as safe as possible, I don't think us in the hospitality sector should be punished for this, this is people's jobs, incomes, livelihoods. The income in December would normally keep most businesses from going under during the winter months, we need to fight to get this back! We must save our oldest tradition The British Pub! Please join in by signing and helping towards someone looking into this for us! I know we are not the only ones being effected by this and we need to try to make a difference! If we could fully trade in tiers 1 & 2 it would give us half a chance!