Make Fireworks Silent for the Sake of Animals, Autistic Kids and Traumatised Veterans

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You could still enjoy the pretty firework without the bang which scares the living daylights out of dogs, cats, horses, people with autism, etc. Just a couple weeks ago, a dog leapt to its death into the sea after being terrified by the sound of a firework.

It is possible; Collecchio is a town in Italy that introduced a law which means that fireworks have to be silent. Setti Fireworks - praise where praise is due - manufacture the fireworks for this town because they realise the impact that the deafening sound has on not just domestic pets, but also wildlife.

Loud noises can cause heart problems, nausea and even panic attacks in dogs.

A silent firework doesn't take away from the beauty of a firework, and the result is that it won't turn your pet into a nervous wreck. People usually start setting off fireworks on Halloween, and then they continue for a fortnight afterwards - and it's at all hours of the day; some people are trying to sleep - especially kids - and do I have remind you of serving military members and veterans who don't want to be reminded of being in a war zone?

I know a number of people who have children with autism and FASD, and these children can be extremely sensitive to loud noises. Think of them if you're not an animal lover. 

Over the past couple of weeks - I'm a member of a few animal rescue groups - there have been dozen of posts across the board from people because their cat or dog is quivering, cowering and petrified of the bangs. This shouldn't be happening. People seem to forget that we are a nation of animal lovers when they get their hands on fireworks. 

This petition is to introduce a law, as Collecchio in Italy did, which makes fireworks manufacturers  conform to only making silent - or very quiet - fireworks.