The beauty industry - financial support & operational clarity from government & insurers

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We as self employed business owners are facing catastrophic losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions being placed on us as an industry.

Businesses are on the verge of closure as a result of the lack of immediate action and assistance from the UK government and also the insurance companies whom we have entrusted to protect us in matters of crisis.

We would like for urgent action to please take place to help financially stabilise the thousands of individuals who otherwise in normal situations contribute greatly to our countries economy (being one of the most resilient and fastest growing industries of our country) and for insurance companies to be forced to recognise COVID-19 as a cause of business interruption and for that to be paid out on to help relieve the burden of stress and despair being caused by the loosely related guidelines from the prime minister at present.

There are full time self employed people facing ruin, business owners facing closure, sole traders facing utter turmoil and no genuine assistance being offered.

Parents, carers, people with mental health issues, this is just some of the categories in to which we fall. We are being deserted with no clarity or security

The time to act is now. Please help us.

The industries contribution to GDP currently stands at approx. £7BILLION, offering 290,000 jobs, putting this in to context it could mean:

� 287,000 unemployed from one sector would put extreme pressure on the DWP and NHS from the stress and mental health issues this will cause both in the immediate and long term.

� 70,000 self employed with no possible future potential of employment or security, no money nor income to generate tax to out towards the economy, complete poverty in some cases and many of the hose self employed being working parents with their families suffering not just financially but in terms of food, rent, heating, necessary medicines. 

Oh, and you can take £7 Billion away from the GDP.