80% Furloughed pay for all childcare workers as the Government promised

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When nurseries were told that we needed to partially close we did! We were told funding would continue and we could access the job retention scheme, which meant that we could be sustainable during these difficult uncertain times and fully reopen in the near future. 70% of day nurseries, nursery schools and pre-schools listened to the government’s request to be understanding towards charges to parents.

However, the Department for Education (DFE) has now moved these goal posts as we can no longer claim the full 80% for each employee like we were originally led to believe, this will affect many nurseries giving many have been furloughed. This will cause uncertainty as to whether they will be sustainable. It will also lead to experienced and reliable nursery workers being laid off or made redundant which this scheme was meant to avoid. 

Funding does not just pay staff wages but also contributes towards the ever-growing expenses that come from running a nursery.  Budgets have to be tightly managed throughout the summer term to support the running during August and September. This announcement has come going into the 4th week that many workers have been furloughed. 

Please sign to help us ensure your child’s nursery will still be there when this is over.