Do Not Mandate Masks for Elementary School Children

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Parents and concerned citizens are pleading with the Minister of Education - Jennifer Whiteside; Provincial Health Officer - Bonnie Henry & Government of BC to keep the mask mandate out of our Elementary schools.

The Minister of Education has said herself that masks on their own don't stop the spread and the long term affects of our children being forced to mask are still unknown. 

Bonnie Henry herself has said, "There's not any evidence that if you're not ill, wearing a mask provides much protection or any benefit at all." (CBC Vancouver).

She went on to say, "We're not seeing anybody who is not showing any symptoms passing it on to anyone else" (CBC Vancouver). 

Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Education stated at Thursday's press conference - "it is critical to remember that masks don't stop the spread on their own".

The World Health Organization has reported that, “studies suggest that transmission from staff-to-staff was most common, and student-to-student spread more rare” (Oct 21,2020). Furthermore, the detriment and toll this is having on our children as is, seeing the majority of adults in their life wearing masks, “interferes with their development including speech, language and social interactions.” (CTV news - Brooklyn Neustaeter, Sept 15,2020).

The fear and panic to further restrict does not match the the virus’s actual death toll - this virus has not proven to be as deadly as we all thought it to be in the beginning of 2020. With a 99% survival rate (As reported by the CDC) most cases having mild symptoms and the average death age of over the Canadian life expectancy (BC's Median Age of 86) - the mandate of masks period, let alone the hope to mandate them in schools is preposterous. Not to mention - the CDC also reported that 85% of people who tested positive for Covid-19 also said they “always” wore a mask - so this begs the question if masks are even effective.