Do u know? Sushant Singh Rajput got murdered and he never suicide , you want proof??

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Do u know? Sushant Singh Rajput got murdered and he never suicide , This all started In February, Yashraj films,T series,Sajid Nadiadwala,Salman Khan, Balaji, Dharma Productions, Bhansali,Dinesh Vijayan boycotted him. So that he can only do web series or Tv series. After Chichoore, he signed 7 films, but one by one he lost all of them which is all planned. Drive, which came last year,was realised in Netflix, even though he didn't wanted it to be released on Netflix. He worked so hard for the film Paani, which apparently Yrf rejected to do. Alia Bhatt & Sonam Kapoor, products of nepotism said "Sushant who and failed to recognise him.Now they both recognized him? Congrats both of you for recognising him. Saroj Pancholi had a fight with Sushant, due to which Salman Khan got angry on him. And obviously, everybody is afraid of him bcz of his position. Once he also destroyed Vivek Oberoi's career bcz of his personal problems.No matter how much he does this being human thing, he never fails to misuse his power. Moreover, on Koffee with Karan, it is asked to rate actors. and in that rating actors always used to rank Sushant last although he deserved to be at the top. Just imagine, what went through him when all these was being spoken on National Television about him. Sushant himself said that he is not invited to any bollywood parties, he feels leftout. Whenever you notice, if a star like varun dhawan posts any pictures, some celebrities comment on their posts,But u can check there is not a single comment on Sushant's posts which shows clearly nobody talked to him. This whole nepotism thing in bollywood can co-exist, but they make such a misuse of their power & position, they destroy lives of people. This whole gang is gonna suffer. Sushant, you didn't fail,this industry has failed you. You are a superhero & an inspiration. We Love you I regret watching movies of Karan Johar & Salman Khan. I,as a common human,will do whatever I can do. l'm gonna play my part. I will unfollow such misleading actors and producers & stop watching starkids movies! _/\_ 

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