Regulations on Bodaboda operations in Kenya

Regulations on Bodaboda operations in Kenya

7 March 2022
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Bodaboda Safety association of Kenya and 3 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Legal Sister

On 4th March 2022, a lady driving along Forest was involved in a Traffic Accident with a Bodaboda ( motorcycle). In no time her motor vehicle was surrounded by other Bodaboda riders. The lady was attacked physically, her dress was stripped off her, she was sexually assaulted as she screamed in sheer terror in futility. This is just one of the many incidents that have faced numerous motorists who have been in the same situation leaving them traumatized with little to no recourse.

Bodaboda riders have recently been linked to a wave of criminal activity in Kenya ranging from Robbery with violence to Sexual assaults.

This is why we are calling on the concerned institutions and government agencies to look into:

Requirements for a licensed boda boda rider

1. Licensing of boda boda should be implemented immediately, renewable yearly upon vetting..

2. A license should be strictly issued to 18 years and above.

3. They must submit a current good conduct certificate

4. They must have undergone the road safety training and first aid training

5. They must be a Member of a Registered Association

6. The license must be revoked indefinitely upon involvement in any criminal activities.

7. Create an app for rogue boda boda riders accessible to the public

8. They must have a tag indicating their full name and license number.

The change will;

1. Create safety to the vulnerable in the society.

2. Make it easy to trace rogue riders.

3. Equip them with skills to ride safely on the roads.

4. Help them maintain and follow due process on matters accident

5. An app listing rogue riders will help the boda boda transport apps to select and sign in their riders.

6. Each transport app with boda boda riders will be required to take their riders through reporting procedures and Rule of Law.


This petition made change with 220,184 supporters!

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