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Please sign Dana Jackson's Pardon Recommendation.

In April 1999, Dana Jackson was convicted of selling $100 worth of heroin to an undercover cop, in Jefferson Parish Louisiana. He was given a mandatory life sentence, without the possibility of parole. In 2003, the law for the sale of heroin was changed in the state of Louisiana. Now, the punishment is 5-50 years; depending on the weight of heroin found on the offender.

In 2005, the law became 'Retroactive'. Meaning that individuals incarcerated for the same crime, will have a chance to have their case re-worked under the new law. But there is a catch! Only the Governor has the power to overturn a life sentence.

So, the Governor, D.A., & State Legislators came up with a GREAT solution! The 'Risk Review Panel'. Which evaluates, on a case by case basis, the people serving life for the sale of heroin. The Risk Revew Panel makes their recommendations to the Louisiana Pardon Board. Dana Jackson had a *favorable* diction from the Risk Review Panel, to the Louisiana Board of Pardon.

In October 2009, the Pardon Board ALSO recommended to Governor Bobby Jindal, that Dana recieve credit for time served. He has YET to sign it!

It costs U.S. Tax payers in Louisiana $45,000/year to house this non-violent individual.

During the 15 years of Dana Jackson's incarceration, Dana has gained extensive schooling & has obtained several ASE certifications in 17 different areas. Dana Jackson is a Teacher and a Mentor in the new "Re-Entry Program" that governor Bobby Jindal was deeply involved with implementing. It was an effort "to keep the return rate down" for "low level offenders." Dana was also a HUGE asset in assisting Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office *during* Hurricane Issac, by fixing generators and eliminating all standing flood water in the Parish.

Less than a year ago, Bobby Jindal approved clemency for a murderer, Shelby Arabie. But has yet to acknowledge the Non-Violent case of Dana Jackson's Recommendation of Pardon, from the Louisiana Pardon Board.

Help get this petition to the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. To sign Dana Jackson's pardon recommendation, which would make him eligable for parole!

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