Create Exception for Siblings of Eligible School Bus Riders of Same Household to Ride Bus.

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Dear Parents in Peel,

I am seeking support from this village by asking for you to please sign my petition to the Peel Board of Trustees, Director of Education and STOP R Transit to make changes to current transportation eligibility requirements.

The reason that I am requesting changes is because the current eligibility criteria are not inclusive, especially for households such as mine with 2 or more children.

I am a mom of three children. My youngest two are in JK and SK and currently meet eligibility requirements as listed below:

Policy Reference: STOP R 002

“Students may access transportation services if their primary address is within the school’s attendance boundary, at a distance of more than:

JK – Grade 1 1.0 km

Grades 2 – 4 1.6 km”

My eldest daughter is in grade two and does not meet the eligibility requirement for a grade 2 student.  Therefore I have two children who could ride the bus but do not because their sister cannot. We are seeking that she is added to ride the bus as a ‘Courtesy Rider’.


Policy Reference: STOP R 013

This has caused undue stress to walk all three to school and back which is not necessary. It has also lead to extra costs to pay for Mississauga Transit to take the kids to school just 2 stops on the bus on days when it was cold, raining or the kids were too tired to walk so far after school.


The Issue:

If I put the two children who are eligible on the bus in the morning, it arrives only 5 minutes before the school bell rings.  I would have to walk my oldest child to school and she would end up late because it is about a 20 minute walk for her.  If I let my children who are eligible take the bus home from school, the bus would arrive home faster than me and my daughter who have to walk.


The school bus only has four children who ride.  I let me children who are eligible take the bus a few times so I could get a video and photos.  There is space for at least 10 children but the transit company STOP R (based on the policies of Peel District School Board) will NOT allow my oldest child to ride the bus with her siblings.


The Recommendation:

I have raised this concern with the school principal, the trustee for the school and now have opted to stand before the Peel Board of Trustees to ‘delegate’ this matter and request they review their policies when it comes to riders who have siblings that are “not eligible” and how do their policies really reflect PDSB values and promotion of the Board.

My date to delegate is this Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 7:30pm at Peel District School Board.  I request your presence if possible but I really would love your support to sign the petition if you are a resident of Peel (Ontario, Canada).

I look forward to making my presentation with my photos, videos and map of the boundary that we reside in and to demonstrate we really are far from the school, especially for kindergarten children to walk twice each day.

I am not doing this only for myself and my kids but in hopes that the Peel Board Transportation Committee (which is chaired by the Trustee for my kids’ school) will actually review the policies and eligibility requirements that they have created and think more outside the box about the different scenarios for multiple children households. Also, to think about the kilometres they create. For example if you are more than 1.6 km away from an elementary school, most likely your home is in a different boundary and assigned to a different school so it does not make sense what currently exists.

Thank you for your support, I will share the response as soon as it becomes available.

Yours truly,

Tina-Marie Williams




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