Protect our children from the Coronavirus

Protect our children from the Coronavirus

24 January 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gemma Liu

As there are rising death tolls around the world (especially in China), suspected and confirmed cases in Australia on the Wuhan coronavirus and schools starting next week, we need to act fast in protecting our school kids from the deadly virus!!

This year the timing is “perfect”!! Chinese New Year celebration typically lasts for 3 days from Saturday 25Jan, most families that are in China for the new year celebration would stay till Monday 27Jan, then get on a plane to fly back on 28Jan, arriving Australia 29Jan to start school on 30Jan.

It means most of the children who have been in China will have no chance to isolate and observe themselves for the 7-10 days incubation period.

School children are vulnerable as they tend to be less conscious when it comes to personal hygiene and they are expected to stay closely with each other in the classroom most of the school days.

In particular I am raising awareness on the Hurstville Public School, which is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) state primary school in NSW, with at least 90% of students with strong Chinese ethnic background.

I am urging the NSW Department of Education, Georges River Council and the Hurstville Public School to:

- consider delaying starting the new school year

- provide masks, hand sanitizers and soaps to teachers and students

- increase hygiene awareness within school 

- actively communicate with parents to ensure if students or family members of students have caught the virus, the school knows about it 

We need to protect our children together as a community!!

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Signatures: 12,504Next goal: 15,000
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