Re-evaluate the Closure of Blue Mountain Bike Park for the ENTIRE 2020 Season

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Hello Ontario MTB and DH Community,

It will come as a very shocking and devastating announcement that Blue Mountain Resort has decided to cease Bike Park Operations for the entire 2020 Season.

Taken from the Resort’s recent statement "As we continue to navigate our new normal, we've had to make careful decisions regarding Resort Operations this summer. We are saddened to announce that there will be no biking on Blue Mountain trails during Summer 2020."

Based on the current COVID-19 trends, Blue Mountain Resort's President and Chief Operating Officer Dan Skelton has determined this was a reasonable and required step for best social distance practices. With COVID-19 developments occurring daily, the thought process behind ruling out the entire Bike Park Season is irrational and requires further evaluation. It is too early to rule out the entire 2020 season. 

Mountain Biking has long been a staple of summer attraction at Blue Mountain Resort, which is also the premier facility for Downhill and Enduro MTB in the province. This decision has a major impact on the local and travelling cycling communities, who seek out the trail access and networks available at Blue Mountain Resort on a regular basis. Eliminating Mountain Biking at the Resort this early sets a bitter tone that a healthy, active and safe community is not the priority. Does halting an Operation of this size put it's future entirely in jeopardy if the Resort decides to permanently closing the Bike Park next season?

Outside of the tight knit Mountain Bike Community, this closure affects the local working class, as many jobs and employment opportunities will no longer be available to Students, Seasonal Staff and seniors. Staff retention is crucial for the seasonal employee. What happens to the employees who rely on these seasonal positions, especially in times like these?

The announced cease of operations for the Bike Park is being delivered with additional conflicting news, that the Gondola, Hiking Trails and other Summer Attractions will operate as planned for the 2020 season, leaving Mountain Biking as the only attraction that cannot operate with safe social distancing practice.

Is Mountain Biking at Blue Mountain Resort the only attraction that does not promote safe social distancing? Shouldn't the operation all Summer Attractions be evaluated under equal standards and to a firm socially acceptable manner? Is Blue Mountain Resort using the COVID-19 Pandemic as a cover to advance a business agenda and shift to a new operating model that does not include Mountain Biking?

By signing this petition, you are showing your support first and foremost for the amazing facilities, trails, staff and dedication that have been built at Blue Mountain Bike Park. The Ontario Mountain Bike Community requests that Mr. Dan Skelton re-evaluate the decision to cease operations of the Bike Park for the entire 2020 Season.

An alternative arrangement that has the Bike Park operational for this season is not out of the question. As the Ontario Government releases further acceptable measures and lifts the social distancing limitations currently set on the Tourism Industry, Blue Mountain Resort can act and create a Bike Park season that fits to their adjusted business model formed due to our new normal of COVID-19.