Do away with the fashion of animal experiments

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High time that we stop being selfish and taking away lives of animals for the sake of solving our problems. Problems that doesn't concern these dumb, innocent beings. They weren't send down on this earth to save us on the cost of their lives, from the problems that we humans created for ourselves. 

It literally breaks me to even consider taking somebody's life on the cost of my own. Let nature work on its own accord. Stop killing animals and then justifying your actions in the name of human compassion and welfare. Your conscience is not clean, do not forgive yourself. I am guilty too for using medicines and cosmetics for such a long time that were made, by putting so many innocent souls into their graves. 

But this is the time that we finally wake up from the long coma. Stop ignoring the crime if you are not a criminal. 

I was suggested that we start punishing criminals with clinical trials. So many people are charged till death then why not use these not so innocent creatures with such cruel intentions towards their own species for the greater good? Their deaths (if any trial goes down the hill) will only serve well to our kind. 

Massive reduction in crime rates(which would take a lot of time) will only help with the picture. Yes lives will still be lost but this will only be more ethical than what we are practicing right now. Let's be humane.