Help bring Milli home!

Help bring Milli home!

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Milli has been taken! BLS strikes again! 
Sunday July 12,2020 I was out running errands and I left my mesh sliding door closed, for fresh air to enter my house. My purple tri American Bully, Milli, broke through the mesh and ran out into my neighbourhood. Milli’s puppy, D’usse, followed her. I went looking for my dogs and my neighbour told me someone called animal control to report the dogs. I called animal control right away and they confirmed that they had both dogs in care. They told me I would have to call the next morning and speak with a supervisor in regards to getting my dogs back.

Finally around noon, the supervisor called back after I left numerous voicemails. He informed that I would be able to pick up the puppy, D’usse because they weren’t able to determine her breed. However, they told me Milli will not be able to go come back home because they have deemed her as a pitbull. When I asked how they decided this, he informed me that he went off a checklist of characteristics.

Apparently, Milli scores 12/14, which resulted in him deeming her as a pitbull. I did not get any proof of this checklist. He told me I would have to go to a vet that has seen Milli before, with photos of her, and get a letter from the vet stating she is an American Bully and NOT a pitbull, if I wanted to get her back home.

On Wednesday July 15th, I was able to get the vet who had seen Milli as a puppy to write me a letter stating he confidently determined she was an American Bully. He also stated she is not a prohibited breed in the province of Ontario. Thinking I had finally got somewhere being able to get the letter in which was asked for, I brought the letter from the my vet to animal control where they informed me this was “not accurate enough” because the vet hadn’t seen Milli within the past 3 months. All animal control had originally asked for was a signed letter stating her breed and 4 signed photos. As soon as I presented the documents required suddenly it wasn’t enough. Now he’s demanding a vet come in and assess the breed. At this point we are stuck, we need your help to bring Milli home! We are heartbroken and feel defeated, this is 2020 why are we still ripping dogs away from owners merely for how they look. We are devastated. We are broken. We want our baby home. This is unfair and unjust. 
Please help us by signing this petition. We need a vet to come in and prove she is an American bully before it’s too late... we have 10 days to prove she is not a pitbull before she is shipped out of province where God only knows what could happen..: