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Block dangerous bill to prop up dog racing in Texas


GREY2K USA has learned that a bill will be filed in Austin to breathe new life into Gulf Greyhound Park. Specifically, Texas Senate Joint Resolution 6 is a constitutional amendment that seeks to legalize expanded gambling at racetracks and that earmarks slot machine profits to prop up live greyhound racing. 

Pari-mutuel wagering was first legalized in the Lone Star state in 1986. Thankfully, there is now one dog track regularly conducting live greyhound racing - Gulf Greyhound Park of La Marque. But two other greyhound facilities, Valley Race Park and Gulf Coast Racing, have shown interest in following suit. 

We can't let this happen! 

According to records obtained from the Texas Racing Commission, 1,351 greyhound injuries were reported at Gulf Greyhound Park between January 2008 and August 4, 2011. During this same period, forty-nine greyhounds died or were euthanized. The most commonly reported injury was a broken leg. Other reported injuries include torn muscles, puncture wounds, lacerations, dislocations, sprains, paralysis and a fractured skull. Read our full report here.

Additionally, evidence has recently surfaced exposing the use of live lure training in the state. 

Help us fight the proposed subsidy now. We are very close to the end of dog racing in Texas. It would be a terrible tragedy if this cruel activity were to be bailed out now. Please sign our petition to all members of the Texas Senate and ask them to reject this misguided attempt to prop up cruelty to greyhound racing. 

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