Rent Control in New Brunswick

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I am creating this petition today to end the reign of landlords in Moncton, Monctonians are seeing rental increases in the triple digits. and sometimes, in the case of William Morissette on Steadman street in Moncton New Brunswick, they are facing a rental increase of $460 a month starting Jan. 1 (plus removing their included utilities). That's the price of a brand new car monthly. Unfortunately, William is not the only person in New Brunswick facing this reality, people who are low income, struggling to get food on the table wont be able to handle an extra 5,500$ a year without any improvements to the units. This unit specifically on Steadman is a run down, beaten up apartment. Please!

Please take a moment and sign my petition, calling for rent control in New Brunswick, because if we don't get a handle on this now, these 400 - 600$ increases while our paychecks stay the same and taxes get higher, we will see families and more of a rampant homelessness problem in Moncton, and other cities in New Brunswick.