Let's Keep Mount Druitt Mall Car Free

Let's Keep Mount Druitt Mall Car Free

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Blacktown City Council

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Started by Amiel Heyde

Let's keep the heart of Mount Druitt green, peaceful, safe, and most of all car free!

The recently released Blacktown Draft Development Control Plan (Part O) Proposes to bring a road through what is currently the green, pedestrian friendly, child friendly center. View the document at https://www.blacktown.nsw.gov.au/Have-Your-Say/Draft-Blacktown-Development-Control-Plan-2015-Part-O

The objectionable part of this proposal is an 18m wide road that, according to the draft plan, would extend from Cleeve Cl. into Dawson Mall, (through the Christmas tree), right alongside the Library down Murphy Walk through the current Swim Center building to Mount St. (Marked in red on the diagram)

The overall plan to revitalise and redevelop the CBD presents an exciting opportunity, one which must be used wisely to maximise social and environmental outcomes, increasing livability for residents as much as is possible.

The new road proposed through the town square will impede pedestrian safety, reduce amenity and add both chemical and noise pollution to the area. It will also require the removal of much of the existing tree canopy. As climate change brings us increased heat stress, tree cover is a vital element of places which will be desirable in the future.

Roadway access is certainly important, and is adequately provided for through the proposed extension of Ayres Gr, and the existing Cleeve Cl, and Jirrang Cl - Allowing vehicles to access the area without allowing through traffic to the central pedestrian area.

  In most parts of the world (and indeed in the Sydney CBD) streets are being closed off to cars and made more accessible for pedestrians. Given Sydney CBD has successfully closed down many of its streets to cars in order to provide a better city center, why should we do the opposite?

While Mount Druitt town center has its challenges, when it comes to the aspect of pedestrian accessibility it is currently leading most areas of Sydney, with wide pedestrian walkways extending in multiple directions from the center. We should build upon this foundation by further extending and enhancing Murphy walk to create a primary east west pedestrian feature for our growing CBD.

As further high density residential development occurs in the area, these existing structural elements are a huge asset to the livability of our area. Let's not let them be destroyed!

Blacktown City Council, we do not want cars driving through our central town square!

408 have signed. Let’s get to 500!