Allow Hindu Schools to Teach Hinduism

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In India, Christian and Muslim schools teach their theology in schools. Example : Christian schools teach Catechism to Christians and 'secular' moral science to others.

Hindu schools are caught in a bind.  They try to position the teaching of their books like the Bhagawat Geetha, as 'values training' and keep tripping over legal barriers in Hindu-'sthan'.

As part of the New Education policy or even as a general guidance circular, the Central Government and State Governments must introduce something to the effect:

"Schools can, if they so choose, teach a specific religious theology of their choice but must make available classes around secular moral science in equal measure to those who so prefer"

If we have neither temples nor schools for regular interactions and education for a 'Hindu', then we cannot dream of a renaissance.  If such a government circular were sent or policy change effected, an entire ecosystem with several scholars / publishers might arise to teach Hinduism in unifying way.

This is the least we can do to set right the history that keeps slapping us on our face.

Please Act. Sign this change petition.  Speak to your local political representative.  Educate others on the need for Hindu education.