Ask Bishop's University to Suspend All In-Person Instruction

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Dear Bishop’s University Administration,

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has now spread to over 100,000 people globally.

We are asking you to reconsider your decision to maintain classes as usual. With cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Sherbrooke, and more in Québec, this is a call for help to our university’s administration to cancel all in-person instruction. 

Many Canadian institutions have cancelled in-person instruction in the past days to protect its students and faculty from this epidemic (pandemic).

Knowing Bishop’s University’s global population, knowing that many students traveled abroad over the Winter Semester’s reading week, and also knowing that it takes up to 14 days to show symptoms of the virus, the possibility of many cases of COVID-19 at Bishop’s being confirmed in the near future is very likely. 

The Lennoxville borough is home to many elderly people, a portion of the population that is at a very high risk of contamination to the virus, which is deadly to elderly people. They live among us, they are part of this community, and their safety’s sake is our responsibility too.

For the elderly people of Lennoxville, for our family members, for our faculty, for our students, for our hard-working staff, we are asking you to reconsider your decision to maintain classes as usual on campus.

P.S., We would like to thank the Bishop’s University’s administration for being proactive in this pandemic that we are living in. Your actions are going to have life-threatening consequences, so again, we’d like to thank you for the way you’ve been dealing with the current situation, and hope that you can take our input into consideration in your decision.

Be Bold. Be Purple. Be Safe.