Implement a safety net for BG University students' grades

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Today, students of BG University were informed that "the University will not be operating the ‘safety net’ options instigated last year as the current situation is not as extreme." For the last academic year, students of BG University received a 'safety net', which protected their grades.  Aslong as they received a pass mark, their overall average could not drop.  This 'safety net' was unique to each student and only protected their grades as per their efforts in their own work.  This 'safety net' did not offer an easy way out, it was a way of reassuring students that their hard work would not be negatively impacted as they could not fall below their current average.  This did not reduce the effort students made to do well however, it did offer a sense of relief that they would not fail. 

BG University have announced that because students were made aware of the plans for the current academic year, ahead of time, a 'safety net' is not required.  This implies that despite this year having devastating affects on academic ability and mental health, we were made aware it would be difficult and therefore, this removes our need for any help.  The lockdown in March 2020 was not planned, no, and this lockdown was, yes, however this does not mean it is any easier. We currently experience blended learning, which entails online and face-to-face sessions. Most students have faced difficulties in accessing any online materials due to software not working and others have missed out on face-to-face sessions due to unfortunately contracting COVID-19 or having to isolate to protect themselves and others.  

Please sign this petition to ask the university to reconsider the need and importance of a 'safety net' and if you have the time, please leave a little note as to why.  Students are repeatedly being ignored and we hope that this petition will make the university realise the negative implications of not having a 'safety net'.  I am a third year psychology student at BG University and the fact that my overall degree classification could be deeply impacted by the lack of a 'safety net' is utterly soul destroying.  Three years of my life spent studying and I might come out with a grade that does not reflect my academic ability and without any detail of what circumstances were endured during this.  Please sign.  Change must happen!