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Congressional Investigation and Reform of the CDC

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On Aug. 27, Attorney Frederick M. Morgan, Jr. of Morgan Verkamp LLC issued a press release with a statement by William W. Thompson, Ph.D., a senior scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where Thompson has worked since 1998.

Thompson inadvertently became a whistleblower when discussing information about an article examining the possibility of a relationship between MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and autism.

According to Thompson, he and his coauthors “omitted statistically significant information” in a 2004 article they published in the journal Pediatrics.

Thompson stated, “The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

This confession, paired with the %6000 increase in autism that has developed simultaneously as the CDC recommended vaccine schedule has increased, screams for a thorough investigation and reform of the CDC.  Parents of children diagnosed with autism after a round of vaccines have been telling the same story (see videos above) time and time again.  "My child was developing normally.  We went for the well-baby visit, had a round of shots.  My child has never been the same since that day."  These kids have lost crucial skills such as language and fine motor abilities.  Often their development slows or comes completely to a halt.  They also frequently suffer severe health consequences such as digestive disorders, food allergies, seizures, etc.  For years we have been told we are anti-vaccine fanatics and that it is just a "coincidence" in the timing of the diagnosis.  When you see it happen before your eyes to your child, you know the truth.  Now someone is admitting to the fraud that has been going on for AT LEAST 10 years!   

Representative Bill Posey wants to call for investigation of the CDC, but he is asking for the public's support.  Please sign to show that we the people want a thorough investigation of those in power of these hugely impactful recommendations as well as a total vaccine reform.  Safer vaccines, fewer vaccines, a more reasonable schedule (further apart), as well as independent studies to determine the safety of all vaccines.  Accountablity and compensation should be the responsiblity of the companies who produce the vaccines as well, only then will they be motivated to ensure the vaccines are safe. No more blind faith in the "safety" studies that are carried out by the SAME people who are creating the vaccines!  This is a huge conflict of interest!  


Public pressure needs to be applied now to hold those responsible for this fraud accountable and to create long past due change.  Unless we act now to create change, the CDC will continue piling more and more vaccines on the recommended schedule.  They are even recommending that all pregnant women and elderly get the flu vaccine which contains thermasol, which is mercury - a known neurotoxin that is lethal to all life forms and even more lethal when combined with testosterone as scientific studies have proven.  This is no longer about "health" this is a huge business and about money.  The risks at this point far out out weigh the benefits.  Our children have a much better chance of recovering from the flu, whooping cough, the measles, etc. than they do from autism.  Parents who have had witness their child's develop regressive, preventable autism just after a round of vaccines are not anti-vaccine as they accuse -most of us followed the schedule religiously which is the exact issue we are trying to change.  If you read the vaccine inserts you can find the list of highly questionable ingredients as well as list of possible side effects, as you can see in some of the parent's videos on You Tube "Breaking the Silence on Vaccine Violence" it even clearly states "autism" in some of the vaccine inserts!  

The CDC has lost their credibiltiy and needs to be separate from the big pharma companies before their recommendations can be trusted.  


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