Help the poorest severely disabled Canadians - make the Disability Tax Credit refundable.

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Canadians with disabilities are some of the poorest and most invisible of Canadians. They have higher medical costs and often have very low incomes.

Currently the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is available for people with severe disabilities. It is a wonderful tax credit if your income is enough to pay income tax.

However, many of us with severe disabilities and who have qualified for the DTC have incomes 40-50% below the poverty line, and so our income is too low to pay income tax, and so a non-refundable credit brings us no financial benefit. 

The Canadian government should make the DTC a REFUNDABLE tax credit. This would give the lowest income severely disabled Canadians up to a $1217 refund annually (depending on their income and other deductions) and provide much needed help to pay for ongoing medical expenses like home health care, and help increase their quality of life.

And if the government will not consider this – why not? Aren’t severely disabled Canadians worthy of living a life of dignity?