Stop Part 2 of TNReady

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Students, in grades 3-12th, across the state of Tennessee are suffering through hours upon hours of the TNReady/TCAP test. Part 1 of the TNReady test was fraught with issues. The online test was stopped mid-stream, paper/pencil tests were delayed and caused districts to alter schedules repeatedly, evaluators are being selected via Craigslist....these are facts. It is also important to understand that the TNReady test has been called in question for errors and issues related to developmental concerns. Many parents, students, and educators have voiced concerns. However, the Tennessee Department of Education has continued to defend the TNReady test and are planning to force districts to administer Part 2, despite pleas to "stop the test" and the growing parental "opt-out" movement. My own daughter took Part 1 of the TNReady test. It was an experience that caused her anxiety and lowered her confidence. She spent over 4 hours testing when she sat for Part 1, which is more time than the ACT or SAT. The second part of TNReady would require her to test for 7 more hours! So an eight year old Tennessee student is being asked to be focused, engaged, and silently seated for well over 11 hours, which is the equivalent of taking the SAT four times in a matter of a few weeks (especially for districts whose tests were delayed). Sadly, after all that invested time, TNReady will not provide Claire with any worthwhile data (since scores will be reported after she is already in her fourth grade year). Claire, along with the rest of the students of Tennessee, have spent more time on this test than it deserved. The students and teachers of this state deserve an appropriate assessment. By signing my petition, we will be telling those responsible that "enough is enough". For these reasons, I am pleading with those involved in the Tennessee legislative body, the Tennessee Department of Education, and Governor Haslam to not administer Part 2 of the TNReady/TCAP test.

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