Bill Haslam

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On June 30th, 2016 my life was changed forever. My fiancé was headed to work at 7:15 am and was struck by a driver (under the influence of narcotics) head on. resulting in the death of my fiancé. The day Wallace was killed. ... The alarm goes off at 6:30 ..we lay there for a few minutes then, he gets up, gets dressed and says as always "I love you" and he walked out the door....As I sat on the back porch..I got this funky feeling come over me..I looked at my phone and I still hadn't received the call or text letting me know that he had made it to work..I looked around and told everyone something was wrong. So, I called his boss and he said he hadn't made it in yet. So, I called his coworker and asked him to look for him...Mom and I jump in the car and head the way he goes to work...looking in ditches ...down the embankments.... nothing! Then, my phone rings. It's his boss he says something that will never leave me..." Aphton is someone with you?" And I told him yes ...he said "it's Wallace ..he's been in an accident! He's gone Aphton" my body went numb and at that moment I felt my soul leave my body. We get to the scene and we are running full speed down the road to him. They won't let me cross the rope bc, Im not family! But, I can see him...I can see him laying there the road ...lifeless. The smell, the sounds, the screams , the oh god please nos. ..things that I will continue to hear over and over again..the tears from drivers, witnesses and friends. He laid there and I couldn't touch him, kiss him or fix him! I felt like I was in a horror movie or a bad dream that I couldn't wake up from...I even told myself to wakeup..but, I didnt! I could see the car and the bike..the car on top of the bike. Our belongings strolled all over the street. Then, him again. Just laying there. I couldn't help him, I couldn't save him! The impact was too much for him there was nothing anyone could do. He took his last breath in the middle of the road without his family or friends to comfort him. He left behind children, family, friends and me..his fiancé. The person who decided to drive while under the influence of non prescribed medication will only see 12 years max. Now, it's my job as his fiancé.. also, his friends and families job to make sure we get Justice for WaWa. Our lives will never be the same. Our ultimate goal is to take this petition as far as we can...if even I have to travel to D.C and make changes. We want to change the laws and make stiffer punishments for the careless drivers who take the lives of our bikers. We are no different than those on 4 wheels. The DUIs, cell phone use and whatever else distracts driver's needs to stop. The only way we can make that happen is if we all ban together and fight for the change.