Harsher prison sentences for rapists and sexual abusers

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South African woman live in fear of being violated everyday. Not enough is being done it ensure the safety of our South African woman. It has come to a point that we, as citizens, need to take a stand against this issue. Rapists, sexual abusers, child molesters and predators are roaming our streets.

By signing this petition you can help ensure that the voices of thousands of woman are heard. Enough is enough! We want all the predators to get sentenced to longer time in prison. Many rapists DO NOT even get convicted! And the ones that do are only facing a few years. How can our government let people who have violated another human beings right walk around our streets? I call the younger generation to help make a difference. Share your stories, speak out and educate as many people as possible on this crisis! 

As a woman I am terrified that I will be next. I have heard too many stories of the injustice in our country...and I’ve had enough. I urge everyone to help. If not for yourselves, do it for your mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and all the woman who have lost their voices.