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Better Policing and Tougher Laws for assaults and robberies

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Rising crime against Small businesses, Residents, International students and Visitors in public places in New Zealand are an absolute disgrace.

Brutal Attacks in broad daylight in public places, shows the offenders have no fear of being caught, no fear of police, no fear of the law of the land or the consequences whatsoever. Our law appears lenient enough. Criminals should know there is a chance they will be caught.

The objective of the petition is safer businesses and communities in NZ. It will be submitted to the 'New Zealand Parliament' to undertake a review and bring necessary changes in the existing law. 

  1. Review and toughen the existing law against assaults and robberies.
  2. More Powers to Police. Increase Police Patrols and re-open the closed Police stations in suburbs, in proportion to change and increase in demographic profile of the community.
  3. Review of the youth age to make them accountable for their serious crimes, or consider their parents to be accountable where the age of offenders is too young. 
  4. Shop owner’s right to defend themselves and to define the 'manner and mode of self-defense'.
  5. Identify and introduce heavy penalties for resellers of stolen goods.


"PETITION from the undersigned for Parliament to undertake a review of the effectiveness of current NZ Police policies and strategy in the Counties Manukau, Auckland regions and wider New Zealand as a result of the significant increase in aggravated robberies and brutal attacks on the small business owners, dairies, retailers, gas stations, international students and visitors."

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