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The Tragedy of the Commons in our National Forests

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Public lands are available for anyone to use for resources such as hunting, felling trees, growing crops, grazing animals, hiking and exploring. Public lands however, have become overused and are becoming degraded. Private companies that use public lands are receiving economic benefits without concern for the sustainability of natural resources and ecological services.  

For example, the company, Nestle is removing 28 million gallons of water annually from San Bernardino National Forest during California's drought. The water deprivation can cause the trees to die and this would cause a loss in biodiversity. The trees provide food and shelter for the wildlife, remove carbon dioxide (a major contributor to global warming) and take part in the hydrological cycle (through transpiration).

The U.S. Forest Service is allowing Nestlé to keep pumping water out of California's national forest for five more years, under a permit that expired 27 years ago. Nestlé pays just $524 a year to take 28 million gallons of water each year, then sell in bottles for $2 a liter. Nestle receives the benefit of making a profit of roughly $223 million annually and externalizes the cost of repairing the damage to the forest, including it’s threatened biodiversity and ecological services, and tourism dollars.

Sign my petition if you are in support of the United States Forest Service renewing Nestles service with strict regulations requiring Nestle to make their water extraction equivalent to the water recharge.



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