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Enact Stricter Animal Protection Laws

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By punishing those who treat animals cruelly in the United States, we will show the rest of the world that the United States does truly, in fact, care about the environment. There are those who unreasonably deny climate change, but it is much more difficult to deny the fact that animals are treated extremely poorly in this world. There are those who make a sport of wrestling with sharks. There are those who profit off of cockfights or dog fights and although there are current laws that punish them, they must be made stricter in order to scare off those who wish to participate in such events. Shark wrangling must be made illegal. Declawing both dogs and cats must also be made illegal as these are also cruel and unnecessary. Much of the world has already banned these operations and even some states have as they recognize it's negative effects on animals.

Laws must be passed that make 

  1. Shark wrangling illegal
  2. Ban cat and dog declawing operations nationwide 
  3. Punish those who travel outside of the country for the purpose of participating in animal fights

 These are some of the many animal rights issues that must be addressed in this country. 

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