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Dear Bernie: Please run through Nov. 8th. Democrat or 3rd Party. Win or Lose. This is why.

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We are the disenfranchised; the victims of a corrupt system that has systematically taken our country away from us. We are the dreamers; the ones who see the beautiful vision of what this country has the potential to be. We are: the $27 donations, the activists, the volunteers, the humanitarians, and the justice seekers. We are the political revolution you’ve been speaking of. Bernie Sanders, you are an extension of us, and we are an extension of you. This is a pivotal moment in history, and we simply cannot afford to have this momentum fall short. We may not have an opportunity like this again.

We are asking you to continue running for President of the United States all the way through the election in November, regardless of party affiliation. We promise to continue to support you in all ways necessary. We are prepared to mount a general election campaign for the history books. Of course, the best case scenario is that you win the Democratic nomination in July. However, we can’t let the fate of the political revolution rest in the hands of super delegates or Democratic primary voting rules (intended to favor establishment candidates). We must be prepared to move forward, even in the event, it is not with the Democratic Party.

We are well aware that a third-party run increases the chances of a Republican victory. However, this year provides the best prospect for a third-party to win of any election in our lifetime, because of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Their historically poor favorability ratings, even within their party, give us a rare window of opportunity. We can dominate with Independents, which make up nearly 40% of the electorate. Establishment politics will never be a solution to the problems we face. We need big money and special interests out of the political system. We believe that running your campaign all the way through November creates a win-win scenario for the progressive movement.

The best case is that you become the first 3rd party candidate to ever win the Presidency. Together, over the next 4 years, we’ll form the most energized top-down and bottom-up political revolution this country has ever seen. Even if we fall short of the Presidency, we’ll still have run the most successful third-party Presidential campaign in history. This will keep us energized and prepared to continue the fight. The short-term loss will lead to a Republican Presidency for the next four years. However, we will vote to ensure a non-Republican majority takes over in Congress. This will serve as a check and balance until 2020. We view this scenario as a much better outcome in the big picture, in comparison to maintaining the status quo in the Democratic Party for the next 8 years. Sometimes it is necessary to take a step backward in order to take two steps forward. We believe that even a loss will positively change the future of politics in this country. One of two things will occur:  the rise of a Progressive 3rd major party, or the Democratic Party evolving into a far more progressive one which better reflects the ideals of its base. No revolution is without sacrifice. We are here for the long haul. We hope you are as well. Please do not try to force this movement into a Hillary Clinton led Democratic Party. The genuine passion and energy will surely not follow.

Senator Sanders, we are asking you to finish what you started. Run this campaign through to the end of the general election in November. We will be right by your side fighting every step of the way. Together, let’s take this revolution to the finish line. 


-The People

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