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Because Reading is a Basic Human Right

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The ONLY proven method to combat recidivism is through education.

In most cases it is the lack of education that got them locked up in the first place. Our prison Book Program is a way of contributing to a safer place for our children and a more stable home life for the children of prisoners being released. Our pioneering IMPACT program, exclusive to, is where our true strength lies.

The US Dept. of Education has determined that: of the 2000 inmates released from prison every day, more than half of them have less than an eight grade education; they do not have the educational skill that they need to succeed in legitimate employment.

Books are crucial to the political, spiritual and educational development of all people. Disadvantage has shackled the lives of nearly all of the over 2 million  people currently in our nation’s “Corrections” system. Prison educational programs have been drastically cut and most prisoners cannot afford to buy their own books. Most facilities do not allow family and friends to send books into prisons (including the ACI); they must come from a distributor, such as a bookstore, publisher or prison book program.


“Lock ‘em up and throw away the key;” the mantra of many. Yet, over 70% of incarcerated Americans are guilty of non-violent crimes. Untold numbers have been demonized and thrown behind bars for wrongful accusations. “The land of the free“ has developed into a nation which accounts for 25% of the world‘s estimated nine-million-plus prisoners, even though the U.S. represents only about five percent of the world’s population.

Throwing our hands up serves only to contribute to perpetuating a cycle of infringement and incarceration.

Don't let the ACI pull a fast one. Tell A.T. Wall to allow Providence Books Through Bars in, Because Reading is a Basic Human Right.
Raymond Grenier, President/Director and the ProvidenceBTB volunteer staff

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