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The ONLY proven method to combat recidivism is through education.

In most cases it is the lack of education that got them locked up in the first place. Our prison Book Program is a way of contributing to a safer place for our children and a more stable home life for the children of prisoners being released. Our pioneering IMPACT program, exclusive to, is where our true strength lies.

The US Dept. of Education has determined that: of the 2000 inmates released from prison every day, more than half of them have less than an eight grade education; they do not have the educational skill that they need to succeed in legitimate employment.

Books are crucial to the political, spiritual and educational development of all people. Disadvantage has shackled the lives of nearly all of the over 2 million  people currently in our nation’s “Corrections” system. Prison educational programs have been drastically cut and most prisoners cannot afford to buy their own books. Most facilities do not allow family and friends to send books into prisons (including the ACI); they must come from a distributor, such as a bookstore, publisher or prison book program.


“Lock ‘em up and throw away the key;” the mantra of many. Yet, over 70% of incarcerated Americans are guilty of non-violent crimes. Untold numbers have been demonized and thrown behind bars for wrongful accusations. “The land of the free“ has developed into a nation which accounts for 25% of the world‘s estimated nine-million-plus prisoners, even though the U.S. represents only about five percent of the world’s population.

Throwing our hands up serves only to contribute to perpetuating a cycle of infringement and incarceration.

Don't let the ACI pull a fast one. Tell A.T. Wall to allow Providence Books Through Bars in, Because Reading is a Basic Human Right.
Raymond Grenier, President/Director and the ProvidenceBTB volunteer staff

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I just signed the following petition addressed to:
Director A.T. Wall, Rhode Island ACI (Adult Correctional Institution):
Allow prison book programs to accept requests for used books from inmates in the RI prison system.

Education is a powerful tool that greatly reduces the chances of inmates returning to the prison system after their release. It is the only proven method of reducing the recidivism rate which hovers around 66% within three years of release.

Providence Books Through Bars is a grass roots, non-profit prison book program established in 2003. We receive requests from inmates, then fill the orders from our library of donated books and ship them nationally - except to inmates in our own state of Rhode Island. We are not being allowed to service our own community. Now there is a petition on asking director A.T. Wall to allow Providence Books Through Bars to deliver books requested from us by inmates at the ACI.

Nationally, of the $80 billion-plus DOC budget, less than 1% is allocated toward education. Unlike many states, the ACI does still “maintain” their own libraries. The one at the Intake Service Center (ISC) has approximately 1,200 paperbacks used to “service” their fluctuating population of up to 1,000 or more inmates. This is where the greatest need for our book program exists. Due to the ACI’s institutional policies we are being denied access.

According to the ACI’s 2011 population report: “Most {inmates} (60%) have less than 12th grade education.“

The ACI’s ISC Mission Statement claims to “encourage{s} the… inmate population to take advantage of… educational opportunities” which are virtually nonexistent.

Their extensive academic offerings consist of “*Adult Basic Education (ABE), English As A Second Language (ESL), "**General Education Development (GED) Preparation."

"**available only to inmates under age 21.”

That age group accounts for an infinitesimal percentage of prisoners, which leaves an enormous “opportunity” gap that we are eager and well geared to fill.

Several prison book programs exist around the country. features an IMPACT Program which delivers quality informational, inspirational, self-improvement focused reading material. This pioneering program can make all the difference between inmates “doing time” or doing something DYNAMIC with their time. Our goal is to foster education and combat recidivism---one inmate at a time, one book at a time, one caring gesture at a time.

Don't let the ACI pull a fast one. Tell A.T. Wall to allow Providence Books Through Bars to supply our donated books to inmates, Because Reading is a Basic Human Right.

Thanks for being a change-maker,
Raymond &

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