Install Center divider on HWY from Drought hill in Peachland to Summerland

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NEW PETITION!!  There is a MAJOR issue with Highway 97 from the top of Drought Hill between West Kelowna and Peachland all the way to Summerland BC and that Issue is that there is NO Center barrier/divider on the Hwy!  There was a petition started last fall in regards to the section from the south end of Peachland to Summerland but that does NOT cover the remaining length from North of Peachland at the Okanagan Connector on and off ramp to South of Peachland where the highway 4 lanes and divides with barriers.  This section of highway is 20kms long and there are multiple fatalities each year with another one at approx 9pm last night (May 1, 2020) where an oncoming vehicle crossed the center line and killed the innocent driver of the other vehicle on Drought hill. This is ridiculous and the province has had many inquiries with NO CHANGEs made. 

There is a center Hwy divider from the North of Vernon BC all the way to Drought hill where  the highway goes down to 2 lanes with oncoming traffic at 90km hr + which is EXACTLY where it should have a center divider. HOW MANY MORE DEATHS is it going to take for the BC Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Claire TREVENA to install a simple cement divider to save people lives! This makes 2 people who have lost their lives in the last 6 months alone, not including countless others over the last few decades. These people have families, friends and LIVES that MATTER!! This could be solved by a simple divider installed to stop vehicles from crossing the line and Killing innocent people. PLEASE share this petition, send an email to the MLA's listed above and let them know this is not acceptable. We all know people who use this highway daily and it is terrible to think this could happen to one of our own loved ones. The last petition allegedly gained some good ground but lets blow that one out of the water and show the BC Govt that this change needs to happen NOW before more people are lost!

Thank you all