BC Health | Mandatory Mask Usage Across BC Shared Public Spaces

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We have a lot to be proud of with our pandemic response here in BC. Now is the time to capitalize on our hard work by mandating mandatory mask usage in shared public spaces.

Projections show that masks are our most effective tool in the fight against COVID-19.

See for yourself: projections on, a leading statistical analysis site for COVID-19 data, shows a direct correlation between mask usage and case count. 

In Canada, current projections show that by September 1st, an additional 15 Canadians will die every day if we do not act now. 

For something as trivial as leaving the house with a cloth or medical mask, the answer is clear. Help safeguard our communities by signing this petition urging the BC Health Ministry to mandate mandatory mask usage in shared public spaces.

Case counts in BC are growing, with above 20 new cases being announced almost everyday this week.

New case counts are rising faster than people are recovering for the first time since May. Models suggest that mandatory mask usage could play a critical role in reducing measures of contagion. 

Historically, pandemics become much worse in the Fall and Winter. If we do not do everything we can now, we could be headed towards a disaster.

We have the opportunity to significantly curb the growth of this second wave, but the BC Health Ministry is afraid of the backlash they may receive for mandating mask usage.

We need to make our voices heard and make this decision together. 

Let them know that you want mandated mandatory mask usage in shared spaces. Please sign this petition and  protect our collective friends and family here in BC. 

We need to act smart, and navigate this crisis by letting the BC Health Ministry know that we are willing to do something as simple as wear masks to control this pandemic and save lives.

Together, we can get through this. 

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