Restore or increase funding to Independent Distributed Learning Schools in BC

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Independent Distributed Learning schools have received notice that funding will be cut by 13% starting in September. This number could equal as much as a 21% funding cut to a DL/distance learning family. 

The funding cut is not only going to affect families but also schools and teachers that support DL/distance learning families, trying their best to provide 100% of the support we need on a 63%, now 50% amount of the budget public schools receive.

This decision is discriminatory as it assumes the same ability for distributed learning parents to pay tuition as campus school parents; however, in most distributed learning families, one parent is at home and not able to work. In addition, numerous out of pocket costs are incurred by families.

Distributed learning is the only kind of learning that has worked for some students. This cut targets some of the most vulnerable students in our province. The timing of this announcement comes at a time of economic hardship for many and will further reduce options for parents regarding educational choice for their children. It is also a time when online learning should be valued, celebrated and supported. This decision targets one type of student: independent distributed learning students. No other funding has been cut.

This decision is not okay. DL/distance learning students deserve better. DL/distance learning families deserve better. DL schools deserve and need better! 

We ask that you reconsider and restore or increase funding to Independent Distributed Learning schools in BC.