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Stop the Arbitrary witch-hunt against citizens

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1. Summary

Three residents of 3rd block (Koramangala) received a notice from BBMP. It stated that they were to produce their house plans to the BBMP office within three days, or else their homes would be deemed illegal and then demolished. Upon further reading, it will be clear that these actions by the BBMP are wholly arbitrary and constitute a violation of a citizen's fundamental right to protest against government action in accordance with law.

2. Background

8th main 3rd block Koramangala is a residential zone and is to be maintained as such as per the interim order of the High Court and the affidavits filed by the BDA and the Government of Karnataka.

Therefore when a breakfast club opened on this stretch, residents objected and the trade licence was not granted by the local health officers in accordance with the orders of the High Court.

However, a few days ago, this commercial enterprise started operations. On enquiry, it was found that a trade licence had been provided at the explicit recommendation of the BBMP Commissioner. It has been alleged that the said commercial enterprise is connected to some influential industrialists.

3. Disturbing Facts

  • The establishment falls under the residential/ mixed residential zone of Masterplan and even if 20% is allowed for ancillary use such as a Darshini, milk booth, Hopcoms etc. This eatery does not fall under any of the category.
  • A very nervous Health Officer informed the residents that she had been ordered to grant the licence by the BBMP Commissioner Mr lakshminarayan himself, even after informing him of the High Court order. This is a peculiar situation where the BBMP Commissioner, who is supposed to ensure that the laws of the land are followed, has himself chosen to break the law and also commit contempt of court orders.
  • It comes as no coincidence that the three citizens were those who had written letters against the Breakfast Club. There were no prior precedents of wrongdoing by the said three citizens, which may have warranted these extreme measures.
  • There are no legal precedents to questioning a person about his/ her home/land records and asking to produce all documents within 3 days under duress of eviction and/ or demolition. The law follows a strict protocol of giving benefit of doubt to individuals when pitted against the State- if there is indeed a question of propriety, adequate time needs to be provided and due protocol in notification be provided.
  • Upon visiting the BBMP office, it was found that a certain gentleman who lived in ST bed had filed RTIs asking for these plans. Upon further enquiry, it was found that he was the cousin of one of the partners of the Breakfast Club.

4. Press Coverage

a. Bangalore Mirror
b. City Kemp

5. Request to fellow Citizens

A targeted attack on an individual or individuals by the Government of any civilised society for expression of free speech is a violation of the principles laid down in the Constitution of India (Fundamental right to Constitutional remedies). This needs to be condemned in the strongest possible terms- please sign this petition and register your support for the citizens and register your indignation against this suo moto action by the BBMP Commissioner.

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