For our Streetizens - Need Compassionate & efficient Animal Birth Control ( ABC) Program

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The Animal Birth Control program ( ABC ) is set up in Bangalore, under the guidance of the AWBI under the aegis of the BBMP, with the primary aim of reducing man - animal conflict, tackling the issue of Rabies and is the most humane method of doing so. In Bangalore the BBMP Animal Husbandry team has made  efforts to accelerate the program by adding 8 zones namely (Bangalore East, Bangalore South, Mahadevapura, Bangalore West, Bangalore North, RR nagar, Peenya and Dasrahalli) and respective ABC contractors for these zones.  While this is a step in the right direction , we would  urgently encourage the BBMP Animal Husbandry department to factor in the much needed focus on quality, efficiency, compassion and adherence to AWBI guidelines, in to the program This would benefit humans and dogs alike . Its important to bear in  mind that the dog is as important a stakeholder for the successful implementation of this program. The street dog is as much a citizen of  this world and  we request BBMP to treat this " Steertizen"as a sentient being ( which he or she is)  as opposed to an item with harvestable reproductive organs.

For instance , a street dog was operated by one of the ABC contractors in  2018 who  was   left  back with her guts spilling out.  She was picked up by a well meaning rescuer and was given the best of care. Unfortunately the damage was too much she succumbed after a week long struggle . There have been a few such incidents which have posed a threat to the lives of street dogs of Bangalore 

Given this especially , we urge BBMP to follow with immediate effect  the recommendations as below...

1.  Each ABC contractor under the BBMP run Animal Birth Control Program would bi  annulally send their vets, paravets catchers , centre manager to  WVS ( World Vetinerary Sciences) ini GOA or Ooty  for training in their respective roles. New contractors would not commence operations until they have been WVS trained and certified . T  program  is very affordable and BBMP would agree to sposor the same. 

2)Strict enforcement of Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP) as elicited by AWBI ( Animal Welfare Board of India). We recommend a reputed ABC master trainer vet  or a WVS vet be engaged by BBMP to monitor and audit the ABC program for a minimum of 6 months.

3) Besides monitoring targets, BBMP ADs of the respective zones will also diligently monitor the quality objectives of the program and ensure AWBI SOPs are adhered to . Will report discrepancies on a monthly basis to the BBMP Special  comm of Health and BBMP Joint Director or Deputy Director  Animal Husbandry and appropriate action would be taken. For this tight documentation and protocols to be maintained and followed at Centres.

4) Rabies cases should be attended to within 90 mins from the time of complaint. It's the responsibility of the AD from the reported ABC zone to ensure the same.

5) Dogs have to be dropped back exactly at the place from where they we're picked up for surgery failing which there would be problems around territorial adjustments and dog fights which would as much affect the humans in an area. For this the existing guidelines around tagging and identification of dogs, specify some simple and effective techniques that must be adhered to strictly.

5) Increasingly ABC contractors spend a lot of time attending to dog complaints. Efforts must be taken to filter out these requests so that the contractor spends more time at the operating table. Only dog bite and written complaints should be entertained subject to validation. Proof of bite and vaccination records around the bite should be submitted by the complainant. The biting dog would be kept under observation as per AWBI guidelines at the ABC centre and if shows no sign of rabies would be sterilised and vaccinated ( if not already ) and released back at the same spot. Both BBMP and ABC contractor would engage and educate citizens around compassionate ways of dealing with dogs and laws of the land . Relocation requests from citizens should be absolutely discouraged by sharing legal information pertaining to the illegality of the nature of the request. BBMP would work with corporators of respective zones to ensure human and dog conflict is kept in check.

6) BBMP must undertake  Street dog Cenus. An agressive ABC program should be developed only basis the census. ABC tenders would be called out after fixing ABC targets for Bangalore post Dog Census.

7) The MOU that BBMP signs up with the ABC contractor should be in line with the AWBI guidelines and should be made public. Public consultation to draft a human and dog friendly MOU is necessary. Also  ABC  e tender process while it's  legitimate  the process of giving out contracts basis the lowest bid should be re should be stopped. A lot more weightage should be given to technical prowess and experience .  

8) How do we  demand for efficiency in the program when BBMP makes staggered and delayed payments to the ABC contractors some of the payments  running in to months. A working capital arrangement is neccesary. Constant engagement with contractors is necessary to manage attrition. BBMP has to constantly liase with the Animal Husbandry department to maintain a constant roster and supply of qualified vets for ABC. Contractors must have a two year lock in period and the person leading the contract must be available at the centre all the time. This is not happening today. 

9) BBMP has to make efforts to share timely and important updates around the progress of the ABC program via their website, social media and with the support of press to create  transparency around the way program is executed and be open to recommendations and suggestions by citizens to ameliorate the same. The perception towards Community Dogs must change and the BBMP is key in bringing that about.


The current BBMP Animal Husbandry Department has amazing guidance from the current BBMP Special / Addnl Commissioner  as well as from concerned citizen stakeholders and we hope and trust these changes would come through positively and very soon.