Bengaluru demands full transparency on BBMP projects

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Over the last 5 years, the Corporators of BBMP refused to share information with the citizens of Bengaluru about BBMP projects undertaken for the maintenance & improvement of each ward, running into thousands of crores. This lack of transparency has resulted in zero citizen participation and consequently absolute misgovernance of the wards!

Bengaluru NavaNirmana Party (BNP) has now pulled out information on 63,629 projects approved by BBMP across the 198 wards over the last 5 years, totaling ₹ 21,653 Cr and presented it in a citizen-friendly webapp available at Through this BNP Citizen Portal, Bengaluru Citizens can get details of projects by ward, by year, by type of project etc., the access to which has been denied to them for many years.

BNP, on behalf of Bengaluru Citizens, demands that BBMP displays ward-wise & year-wise information on all projects on its website! Transparency is the most important first step towards governance and it is time that BBMP Corporators & BBMP Officials put these details up on their website like BNP has done!

Bengaluru has the right to know! Bengaluru citizens have the right to participate!