We Want another Doctor Who Special on The Time War

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This is a petition showing the BBC the support there is for a Doctor Who: Time War  Special  or  Miniseries, and advocating for them to commission it.

The 50th anniversary special only showed us the Last Day of The Time War, which was “fantastic” but we want more!

We would love a special or miniseries showing how the Time War started (we now know how it ended!),  At what point in The Doctor's timeline is he recalled to Gallifrey. Show us the events of the war and how the whole of time and space was affected, such as The Eternals fleeing this reality in despair, the Gelth losing their physical form, and other species losing their planets, along with how it changed the Time Lords, from Peaceful Guardians into Warriors, and how & why that left The Doctor feeling forced to use ‘The Moment’.

We want to see who fought in the Time War and the main events of the Time War which we've heard snippets of throughout the years, such as Arcadia, The Cruciform, Skull Moon, The Resurrection of both the Master and Rassilion, Davros' command ship flying into the jaws of the Nightmare Child at the Gates of Elysium {and his rescue by Dalek Caan}, The Skaro Degradations, The Horde of Travesties, The Could Have Been King and his army of Meanwhiles and Neverweres; along with The Time Lords using of all of the forbidden weapons (apart from The Moment, obviously) along with The Dalek Emperor taking control of The Cruciform and The Master turning himself human and escaping to the end of the universe, as well as showing us the point at which The Cult of Skaro escaped with the Genesis Ark in their Void Ship.

The Doctor then deciding no longer to fight as seen in 'The Night of the Doctor' (which could be re-added into this special/miniseries to aid the flow). From there show The War Doctor and his fight, up until he decides to steal the moment (aka the 50th anniversary) {along with showing Rassilon and his council trying to bring about 'The End of Time'} then fast forward to the end of the war [The Doctor 'saving' Gallifrey, but not remembering, and instead thinking he used The Moment, and the Daleks destroying each other in the crossfire], but also showing the Emperor Dalek falling through time, along with the lone Dalek falling to the Ascension Islands in 1962 (and would then be in Van Statten's collection in 2012 for the Ninth Doctor to find) and then with The War Doctor regenerating into Nine.

This special could include Paul McGann in the events before 'The Night of the Doctor' and his transformation into John Hurt. Originally we would have loved John Hurt to take over and show us the War Doctor’s path up to when he steals 'The Moment'. Sadly, Sir John Hurt has now passed away, but we believe this could be a very fitting tribute to the great man. You could therefore edit this above storyboard suggestion, to show us going straight from the Night of the Doctor to the War Doctor stealing "the moment" at the start of 'The Day of the Doctor'. If you felt it was appropriate you could do some very respectable reconstruction to show John Hurt's War Doctor, like they did with Peter Cushing in Star Wars' ‘Rogue One’. 


If you did do this I think this would be most respectable if you used it sparingly, I suggest that after the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann has regenerated into the War Doctor played by John Hurt, you jump forward to the scene just before The Day of the Doctor where he steals 'the moment' , but shows him standing outside the vaults, closing his eyes to visions of the events He Would have seen and why that left him feeling forced to use the moment and finally end the war.

To End, you could also include an after the credits scene where we see John Hurt's full regeneration into Christopher Eccleston with a comment about a Nestene/Auton ship escaping via Warp Shunt Technology to London, Earth 2005 (so taking us up to the events of 'Rose' (Series 1, Episode 1).)

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