Urge the BBC to reconsider its decision not to renew the Met Office contract

Urge the BBC to reconsider its decision not to renew the Met Office contract

23 August 2015
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Started by Steve Cooper

The BBC have confirmed that the Met Office will not have their forecasting contract renewed after a partnership dating back over 90 years.

The Met Office are the world's best at forecasting, it's difficult to believe another provider can offer better.   In 2014 the Met Office invested £97m in a 'Super Computer', enabling forecast updates every hour and the ability to provide very high detail weather information for precise geographical areas.  The British public will lose the benefit of much of this investment if this contract is not renewed.

It is worthy of note that the weather 'presenters' appearing on the BBC forecasts are actually employed and trained by the Met Office unlike other channels' presenters who have little understanding of the science behind the forecast.  The U.K. has a unique and changeable weather system and quite simply being based here in the UK ensures a comprehensive knowledge that will be difficult if not impossible for competitors to emulate, (the contract is expected to be awarded to either a Dutch or New Zealand based company).

The loss of this contract places under threat an historic and important part of our national culture, as well as the TV forecasts mentioned The Shipping Forecast which as well as being vital for mariners is also a national treasure and could be directly at threat.

As the British Broadcasting Corporation , you would expect the BBC to support British organisations rather than allowing work to go offshore, 

The petition is to urge the Director General of the BBC, Lord Tony Hall to urgently review and the reverse this decision. 

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This petition had 4,690 supporters

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