BBC/Facebook Reinstate The Strictly Spoiler Facebook Page


BBC/Facebook Reinstate The Strictly Spoiler Facebook Page

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The Strictly Spoiler website provides news and contestant/results spoilers for BBC reality TV show Strictly Come Dancing. In 2015 a Facebook page was set up for the website to allow people who enjoy Strictly but don't like waiting until the Sunday Night results show to discuss all things Strictly and promote and discuss the results spoiler which is available late on a Saturday Night. The page grew to over 1000 likes in a matter of a few weeks and was becoming a huge community.

On 18th November 2015 this page was removed from the Facebook website following a complaint by the BBC that it violated BBC trademarks in relation to "Strictly Come Dancing". The page in question did not violate any trademarks. It was called "The Strictly Spoiler" and had a logo/profile picture which is completely different to the official Strictly Come Dancing logo. Many other pages and groups that actually do infringe on BBC trademarks remain on Facebook and it is clear that this page has been targeted by the BBC because they do not like the results leaking out before the Sunday results show and has not been targeted because of any actual intellectual property issues because no such issues exist. Facebook, in all likeliness, did not even investigate the complaint and merely automatically removed the content as if they had investigated they would have clearly seen that no infringement of trademarks took place.

This is a clear attack on freedom of speech by a publicly funded broadcaster and is also a clear waste of time and resources. We petition the BBC and Facebook to reverse this action immediately and reinstate The Strictly Spoiler Facebook Page

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