BBC to stop addressing J&K as India Occupied Kashmir

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Ignorance is bliss, however, turning a blind eye and acting ignorant is not. The matter I bring forth is not something that affects just you and me, but it is much more serious, much more damaging, and much more pitiful than one that affects a single person. 

Recently, while covering the abrogation of Article 370 in J&K, BBC; a public owned broadcasting channel based in United Kingdom, addressed J&K as ‘India Occupied Kashmir’. The matter was immediately noticed by some of you & Newsx ran a segment on it too. However, nothing changed. And this is where we (you and I) come in. 

Let us look at few ironies in play:

BBC/Britian does not refer to:-

·    Scotland AS Britain Occupied Scotland

·    Ireland As Britain Occupied Ireland

·    Wales As Britain Occupied Wales
Similarly, despite it being obvious, BBC has never dared to address Tibet as China Occupied Tibet or Taiwan, maybe, because the Chinese will not take it lightly. However, it seems that we Indians have become habitual of ignoring the obvious, maybe because we all suffer from the ‘not my problem’ syndrome. Not anymore, fellow citizens, not anymore. Are we forgetting, that too far too much blood has been shed by our revered soldiers, all for the cause of Kashmir? Are we forgetting, far too many Indian families have been thrown out of their own birthplace, and they have struggles endlessly to find a foothold in the country? 

It is time. A rather high time. A time for us to unite and make our voice heard. It is time for us to stand up and protect the sovereignty of what we have proudly called ours. 

Our Government took a bold step to address the problems that have remained in power for over 70 years of independent India. Let us not forget our duty too, to stand strong with our Government. 

We are writing this letter to BBC to address Jammu & Kashmir as its name & not with any other name or else we will start a movement to do the same for Scotland, Ireland, Wales & other areas that are administered by Britain.
Come, let us sign this petition and support the cause. Let us share this petition among our loved ones, for it is all for their future too. Let us be the Indians that our soldiers are fighting hard to protect. For once, let us make them proud of us too!