Boycott Leather Industry in India to stop merciless Killing of live Cattles in the process

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Albert Foundation Initiative : India has become the World's Top Leather Manufacturer. In this process , many Cattles & animals are mercilessly murdered and are brutally handled alive by unprofessional labours causing utmost pain & trauma to these helpless animals. Government of India is not interfering as they get heavy amount of revenue & tax from this Industry but on the cost of this inhumane treatment of animals. The Leather Industry in India is mercilessly killing lakhs of animals everyday by unethical manner. As a sensitive human beings we should must raise our voice to stop this cruel process. Government of India should put an enquiry on the leather Industry on the way they are treating animals. This petition means a lot for every animal lover in India . We also demand GOI to take strict action on their owners & illegal leather Industry operating from several parts of India causing water pollution & killing animals in barbaric way.