Petition: to award general promotion to students in colleges associated with BU Bhopal.

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Due to COVID-19, it's impossiable for the next few months to have a normal life. Everything remains in lockdown and for a good reason. College Students, are however horrified by the governor of M.P.'s decision to conduct exams as soon as the lockdown is lifted. 

This is a very dangerous decision. Not to forget that much of the sllaybus is unfinished in various subjects and even the online classes are insufficient. This desicion do not take in account the non-localitie students who went back to their respective hometowns. How are they suppose to come to Bhopal amidst a lockdown when the borders of the city are sealed and trains and busses are out o commission. 

There is also a health risk of Corona outbreak if the exams are conducted. And if such an outbreak is to happen, who then will take the responsibility of it?

If a general promotion can be awarded to school students, then why not to college students.

Thus this petition urges the authorities like M.P. govt. and Barkatullah University  (Bhopal) that instead of playing with the life of their students they should award them general promotion to avoid any health calamity.