Prosecute the officer that assaulted James Freeman

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James Freeman is a journalist who puts his safety and freedom on the line to keep the police honest. He travels the country to document the behavior of police and other public servants who make their living on your tax dollars. He has been recording and broadcasting his work for years on his YouTube channel

In the course of his work defending the rights of all Americans, he was recently assaulted by the Arizona State Police, and they are attempting to conceal the identity of the officer who committed this heinous attack. We are calling on the Pima County Attorney to charge and prosecute this violent criminal masquerading as a public servant. Evidence of the assault can be found here and

This cannot stand in America. Our freedoms and safety are under assault by the growing impunity of these people who are sworn to protect and serve, and it is people like James who stand as the bulwark against this encroachment. Now he has been made victim of their violence, and those who would use their badge to act as bully and violent criminal need to be brought to justice.

In addition to signing this petition, the Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall can be reached at (520) 740-5600.