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Grant clemency to Dicky Joe Jackson

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The ACLU’s report, “A Living Death,” documents more than 3,200 men and women serving life sentences without parole for nonviolent offenses.  Among them is my dad, Dicky Joe Jackson, known as the “Breaking Bad” truck driver.

They call him that because when he couldn't afford the $250,000 life saving bone-marrow transplant for my brother, who was just two-years-old, he made a bad, desperate choice.

To save my brother’s life, he started carrying meth in his truck to earn the money from a local drug dealer for the surgery to proceed. Dad raised enough money for Cole to have the life-saving operation, but the bad news is that it cost our him his freedom. He is serving now serving a LIFE sentence.

He's only 57, but 20 years in a federal prison has worn him down and he is in poor health. He takes 7 pills a day, mostly for high blood pressure.  He has never been written up for a single incident during his entire time in prison. Not a single day goes by that I don't think of my Dad and worry about him.  Most pain dulls with time. Unfortunately, having a loved one incarcerated is not that kind of pain.

Dad wasn't there to go to my ball games or see me off on my first date. He missed my graduation and walking me down the aisle. As I've gotten older, he's also missed the birth of my three children. My children have only known my Dad incarcerated. They have no idea how Dad loves wrestling around on the floor at night or how he would get more excited preparing for our annual Halloween party than me. They only know him as the grandpa in the jumpsuit that lives in prison.

Even the prosecutor in my dad's case believes he deserves relief, but for some reason, each time the list of clemency recipients is released, our dad is not on the list.  There are tens of thousands of applicants and we fear that if our father doesn't get your support, he will be overlooked and lost in the shuffle.

Please help us bring our father home.  He is a good man.  We are ready to pamper him and provide him with all the love and support he will need, upon his release.  The only thing we need is for the pardon attorney, Robert Zauzmer to have mercy on our dad and advance his clemency petition to the President for his approval.  

Please help us end this horrible nightmare so we can be a family again.

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